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Stars come out at Student Jazz Concert - 07 May 2004

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In the summer of 2003, as part of a youth development programme, Chichester District Council presented the club with a special award to be used to further the training of young jazz musicians. Since that time, the club has been working with the Chichester College Jazz Diploma course and the results of this collaboration were on full display when, on Friday 7 May a special jazz concert was held at the Assembly Hall, Chichester College.

Under the lead of course head, Adrian Kendon, the students put on a show featuring both paintings and music and the evening had time to feature special guest stars Bobby Wellins on tenor and Gary Kavanagh on trumpet.

The evening started around 7:00pm, with early arrivals enjoying the work of artist Wayne Somerville, who exhibited a range of paintings taking jazz as the theme. Soon after, in the bar area, Band 4 struck up. Band 4 comprised of Sarah Boak Trumpet, Rachel Day Trumpet, Tom Betts Alto, Ben Gregory Trombone, Kelly Hsieh Piano, Michael Ursin Bass and Dave Murrell Drums.

There was a brief pause, while a new set of students positioned themselves into Band 5 which was made up by Helene Enahoro Vocals, Tanya Perry Vocals, Jack Kendon Trumpet, Oliver Vincent Flute/Alto, Liz Sambrook Alto, Ken Waight Guitar, Adam Staff Piano, Ben Arthey Bass and Chris Moran Drums.

By now an audience well over 100 had gathered and it was time for the main concert to start in the hall proper and a set of famous big band arrangements were skilfully executed by The Chichester College Big Band under the perceptive leadership of Rob Milner. The Big Band draws on the talents of students on the jazz course and on other music courses in the College.

Band 1 closed the first set of the main concert with Anne Rushmer Vocals, Ela Southgate Piano/Vocals, Vince Rowland Trumpet, Des Lowden Alto, Joe Stout Alto/Soprano, Anthony Wiegold Guitar, Adam Staff Bass and Tony Shepherd Drums.

But even in the interval there was no musical let-up as, back in the bar, Band 6 was on hand to entertain the audience. Band 6s members were Jason Abrahams Vocals, Liesje Cole-Pragnell Vocals, Angela Sims Flute, Wayne Somerville Alto, Yuu Shimoyamada Alto, Nick Byrom Guitar, Alice Fernbach Piano, Rob Milner Bass and Laura Padfield Drums.

It was now time for the final half in the main auditorium and leading off were Band 3 with Janneke Wiechmann Vocals, Sandra Lyndon Flute / Piano, Joe Domican Alto / Piano, Steve Loveday Tenor, Sam Blair Guitar, Richard Michalec Guitar, Ben Arthey Bass and Christian Moran on Drums. Band 3 were quickly followed by Band 2 with Rachel Day Vocals, Sarah Boak Vocals, Jack Kendon Trumpet, Annette Taylor Alto, Jamie Toms Tenor, Jonathan Dexter Baritone, Paul Richards Guitar, Russell Johnson Piano, Michael Ursin Bass and Jeremy Harris on Drums.

The concert closed with special guests Gary Kavanagh and Bobby Wellins providing the inspiration and musical leadership as they fronted a sextet with Dave Murrell Guitar, Simon Robinson Piano, Adrian Kendon Bass and Tony Shepherd Drums.

But the stars of the show had been the students. Through their vitality and enthusiasm and sheer hard work they had delivered a staggering range of jazz material with a belief and commitment that made you sense the future of jazz would be safe in their hands. They were a credit to themselves, their tutor, the College and the community in gene

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