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Jazz in the City was great - more please! - 07 September 2006

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The following is the text of the letter from Councillor Richard Plowman, published in the Chichester Observer.

Congratulations should go to Hugh Ashton, chairman of the Chichester Jazz Club and his committee for a great Jazz in the City festival.

This was the first day-and-a-half long festival to be held in the centre of the city. The four trips of the jazz duos on the Richmond canal boat were a very popular and an unique innovation. The ticket prices were affordable and throughout the city in various free fringe activities in the streets, pubs and restuarants, the jazz percolated throughout the city, despite the inclement weather.

I know all this was only achieved through the sheer courage and hard work of the committee. I was very pleased to have been there at the very beginning when Hugh Ashton came up with the idea. I sincerely hope it will be the first of many Jazz in the City festivals.

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