Chichester Jazz Club
Trad Returns with The New Gateway Band - 12 December 2003

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The Club celebrated the Christmas season with its first traditional jazz for some years. It was an evening of fun and convivial atmosphere, which the music and mince pies helped roll along. The Gateway Jazz Band was formed 40 years ago and re-launched as the New Gateway Band in 2001. With informative and fascinating introductions from trombonist Keith Samuel, the band played through a programme showcasing the music of Armstrong, Morton, Waller and Ellington. The evening also featured a wonderful set titled ‘Fanfare to Bix and Bing’, which played tribute to two of the most influential figures in 20th century music. At the end of the concert, a delighted audience called for more and chairman, Ray Pratt, confirmed that that the Club would not leave it so long before putting on traditional jazz again.

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